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We can help you update your home. Whether you want to change your existing lights, change your old energy consuming pot lights with new energy conscious LED retro fits, or maybe update the look of your switches and plugs, we can do that. Check out the list below or contact us to see if we can bring your changes to life.

  • Install USB charging plugs
  • Replace old lights
  • Update Switches & Plugs
  • Install energy efficient pot lights & dimmers
  • Install new GFCI plugs for Kitchen & Bathroom safety
  • Install new AFCI breakers for protection against arcing and faults

electrical Services

Which types of alarms are on the market?

Dual sensor alarm (combination of the two technologies)*
Wireless alarms
Talking alarm (plays an automated warning along with alarm sound)
Kidsmart Vocal alarm (plays parent/guardian's recorded voice along with alarm sound)
Hearing impaired (incorporates a flashing strobe light and vibrating disk)

Are your smoke detectors up to new code standards? 

All new builds and renovations require combination smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.

*CFD recommends installing dual sensor units to maximize residential fire protection. Remember to install all alarms as per the manufacturer's recommendations.


home Safety

Did you know you should replace your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every 7-10 years depending on the manufacturer? If yours are older then 10 years we can replace them for you with new detectors that include battery backup.

electrical panel upgrades

Did you just buy an older home and the existing panel needs replacing?

Are you wanting to add a few new circuits, but your electrical panel has no more spacing?

If you are adding new electrcial circuits to your electrical panel in a newer or older home you should have at least 2 empty spaces remaining. If you don't it's time to upgrade to a larger panel with more expandability.

We can take care of your electrical panel needs, just give us a call, text or fill out the inquiry form.

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